Aurora Fine Art

About Aurora Fine Art Gallery

Alaskan owned and operated, Aurora Fine Art began in 1990 in a quaint 400 square foot space just across the street from where we are located now. In Greek, the word "Aurora" means "New Beginning" and that is exactly what opening an art gallery meant for owner, Diane Louise. With a passion for art and it's creators, Diane set out to really emphasise the importance of having art made by LOCAL artists in the community. That is where we began, and it remains true to who we are.

Nearly fifteen years ago, "Zoez Window Gallery" and "Alaska Max Gourmet" were added to the Aurora Family. "Zoez", was named after Diane's grandaughter and "Alaska Max", after her grandson. In Greek, the name, "Zoe", translates to mean "Life"; changing the gallery name to mean, "Life's Window Gallery". Kinda perfect, don't you think? Today, the galleries are still owned and operated by Diane and her family. You'll probably see Zoe and Max working in their namesakes; and you might even see "Norman", the gallery dog sleeping behind the counter. So stop in for a chat, check out some fantastic local art, or grab some fudge at Alaska Max; either way, we would LOVE to see you here!

Born in 1990, Aurora Fine Art Gallery has been the epicenter of high-end Alaskan art for over twenty years. At Aurora, we specialize in art that is created by local and diverse Alaskan artists. This includes Internationally known artists like Marilyn Miller and Gail Niebrugge. We also feature museum quality Alaska Native artists such as, Suzie Silook and The Tetpon Family.

Open year-round, Aurora Fine Art is centrally located downtown, on the corner of 5th Avenue and G Street, catty corner from the Performing Arts Center. Our location allows us to be right at the hub of Anchorage's downtown events. Every month we feature events including our monthly "First Friday" art show, artist "meet and greets", and artist work demonstrations.