Aurora Fine Art

Aurora Fine Art in Downtown Anchorage

Located in historic downtown Aurora Fine Art houses some of the most elegant and unique collections of native and Alaskan art. The experts at Aurora Fine Art will guide you to the perfect museum quality pieces that will add an incredible story piece to your home or business. Walk in or schedule an appointment.

True art, original paintings & native carvings

Reviewed on TripAdvisor® June 16, 2013

We visited Aurora after dining at Glacier Brewhouse (both of which are in the same retail complex with entrances are right across from each other). I was highly impressed with the quality and selection of original paintings/watercolors, their carved ivory and the artists that they carried.


I love the Aluminum Sea Life display on the Metal gallery page. I can't believe the detail that has gone into those pieces!

Michael G. Caudill

Ole lake is a mask making master!

Johnetta J. Loggins

I'm impressed with all of the sculptures you have in your gallery, especially the ones by Marilyn Miller.

Harold R. Call

Aurora Fine Arts is indeed fine art, and the best part is its all Alaskan!

Robyn W. Croll